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Tree Stump Removal

Work carried out by Dodson Landscape
Are you looking for someone to remove an unwanted tree stump from your garden? If you are, then we are here to help!

When a tree is felled or falls, the stump needs to be removed promptly in order to prevent problems such as suckering and fungal root rots. Even though they may be heavy or large, we have the right equipment and technique needed to remove stumps quickly and easily.

There are two ways that a tree stump can be removed. One way is for chemical stump killer to be applied to freshly cut wood, but this means it should be applied immediately after a tree has been felled or has fallen. Alternatively the best solution is often to remove the stump entirely.

Fully qualified and insured, we can tackle any size of stump from just a few inches wide to something much bigger and because of the up to date equipment that we use, this can be done with minimum ground disturbance.

You can be confident that your stump removal, stump grinding and root removal work will be done professionally and most importantly, safely.