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Lawn Treatment

Lawn treatments
Dodson Landscapes is renowned for our excellence in lawn treatment which are at reasonable, affordable prices. If you are suffering from a tired, dried out lawn where weeds are more prolific than grass, then call in Dodson Landscapes. With our carefully designed system of lawn treatment we can inject new life into dejected, patchy grass. Not only that, but we can successfully eliminate weeds and replace them with an army of strong healthy turf.

There are many different reasons behind a patchy, dry lawn. Our team of dedicated green keepers are trained in all the possible conditions which can afflict a lawn and prevent it from looking lustrous. We are armed with all the required equipment and supplies to effectively deal with weeds, rust, fungus, red thread, fusarium patch disease, discolourations along with any other conditions which might arise. In addition to the regular lawn treatment, we gently clean away any impurities and then make use of a special, nutrient rich feed to nourish the new growth.

There is no reason why you should not be able to enjoy glossy, soft turf. Take advantage of our superior lawn treatment with the knowledge that you’ve not had to pay an arm and a leg to get it. Call Dodson Landscapes today for more information on a lawn treatment to beautifully enhance your garden.